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Quick Details

Per Person
Hiking Permit Additional Cost required for those ages 8+


The 6 hour Cardiac Canyon tour is an exciting adventure. The tour begins at the Navajo Nation Reservation. You are transported 7 miles in a transport vehicle to the entrance of the canyon. You and your guide then slide down the steep Cardiac Sand Dune trail into the canyon.

Cardiac Canyon is a spectacular slot canyon located within Antelope Canyon. If the name doesn’t make you think twice, then it may be for you! This canyon is special, as it features intricately carved patterns adorning its walls, complemented by the graceful streams of sunlight that enhance the vibrant reds and oranges within its depths.

This is a tour we offer that is at least 6 hours in duration, about 3 miles hiking, roughly 7 miles from the main highway, the definition of “away from it all”. For this canyon, we recommend guests have hiking experience, as the terrain is a bit harder to navigate than other canyons.

The canyon is about 2.5 miles in length, and has so many sights to see and photograph! This secluded canyon away from the crowds makes for a unique experience.

This tour requires a minimum of two people. If you are a single traveler interested in this tour, please send us an email of the potential date to [email protected]. We have paired single travelers together before so they could participate in this tour, so please let us know!

We do not visit or offer tours to Upper or Lower Canyon.


  • Our dates are released per quarter.
    • Q1 (Jan. – Mar.) is made available Dec. 1.
    • Q2  (April – June) will be released January 1.
    • Q3 (July – Sept.) will be released April 1.
    • Q4 (Oct. – Dec. will be released July 1.


  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking shoes/clothing
  • Camera
  • Backpack
  • Hat
  • Extra batteries/SD cards
  • Sweater or coat during the winter