* Photographs or video taken for commercial use is prohibited unless accompanied by a valid

   permit issued by Navajo Parks and Recreation or Navajo Office of Broadcasting Services.

* Prices include the Navajo Nation sales tax and the $8 Navajo Nation Hiking Permit fee.

* A signed waiver is required. A link is given during online booking and provided on location.

* Our FAQ page has a list of the most asked questions.                     

hiking TOUR


2  People:                        $300.00 Each

3 - 4 People:                    $275.00 Each

5 - 7 People:                    $250.00 Each

7 - 14 People:                  $200.00 Each


Come enjoy the most personal Antelope Canyon experience.


Ages 18 and Older:              $40.00
Ages 8 to 17:                        $30.00
Ages 0 to 7:                          $22.00

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By Taadidiin Tours


Cardiac canyon

* Please watch the video below for the most private and memorable slot canyon experience

* Cardiac Canyon Tour duration is typically 6 hours

* One reservation daily with a 2 person minimum


Antelope Canyon X by Taadidiin Tours

Taadidiin Tours is happy to be the only tour operater to offer guided tours to Antelope Canyon X and Cardiac Canyon. Both canyons are located within the same Antelope Canyon as the iconic Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. Taadidiin Tours is located approx. 10 miles southeast of Page, AZ on Highway 98 at milepost 307.8. Reservations are recommended Holiday weekends. Taadidiin Tours is open everyday from 9am to 3pm (MST). Taadidiin Tours specializes in small groups to provide the most memorable customer experience possible.


* Hiking Tour duration is typically 1.5 Hours                                           

* No tripods, monopods or bags are allowed on tour. Medical bags are allowed with proof of need.         

Ages 18 and Older:             $40.00
Ages 8 to 17:                        $30.00
Ages 0 to 7:                          $22.00

PRIME TIME RATES 11:00 AM - 12:20 PM

Ages 18 and Older:              $60.00
Ages 8 to 17:                         $40.00
Ages 0 to 7:                           $32.00

* Photography Tour duration is typically 3 Hours                       

* Tripod and 1 camera bag allowed

* DSLR camera not required

* Everyone:  $120.00