By Taadidiin Tours

**We do not offer tours to any other canyons outside of Antelope Canyon X and Cardiac Canyon**

1.  Do I need a tour guide? Do I have to take a tour with a company?
 *  Yes, the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation Department mandates all hiking and photography

     tours must given by a tour guide. The tour guide must be employed by a company authorized 

     by the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation Department.     

2.  Do you need reservations?
 *  Reservations are not required but is highly recommended. Especially during the high season,

    having a reservation will ensure a seat on the tour. If you are also traveling during a U.S. holiday

    weekend, Memorial Day, July 4th, and so on, a reservation is required to confirm your seats on a

    tour. Same day reservations are not accepted. All walk-ins are first come, first served. We do not

    have a wait-list.

3.  Where is Canyon X?
 *   Canyon X is located on the Navajo Reservation on Highway 98 Mile post 308. Roughly 12 miles

     EAST of Page, AZ. You can also use the link on our website or on your confirmation email,

     assuming you made a reservation.

                                           CLICK HERE

4.  What time is it?
 *   Canyon X operates on Mountain Standard Time (MST) all year. MST is the same time as   

      Flagstaff, Phoenix, Grand Canyon and Sedona all year.      

5.  When can I see the sunbeams/light shafts?
 *   Light beams are most visible during the summer. This includes the latter part of May through 

      late July, early September between 11 am - 1 pm, weather permitting. Also, keep in mind that 

     EVERYONE wants to see this which in turn makes it the most busiest time of the day. 

6.  What are the busiest tour times?
 *   Daily tours from 11 am - 1 pm. Major holiday weekends are especially busy.

7.  How many people are going to be on tour at the same time as my booking?
 *  During the low season, October- March, we will take up to 42 persons per time  slot. Most days it

    does not reach capacity. If you book the Photo Tour, the most we will take is 7 persons. (Photo

    and Hiking tours go to the same area)

8.  What is the temperature in the canyon?
 *   The temperature in the canyon varies depending on the time of the year. Normally 5 degrees or

     more cooler in the summer. 10 degrees or more colder inside the canyon during the fall/winter


9.  What is the difference between the Hiking tour and Photo tour?
 *   The Hiking Tour is 1.5 hours and the Photo Tour is 3 hours.
 *   The hiking tour is a walking tour that last 90 minutes with no tripod.
 *   Photo tour is 3 hours and allowed to bring a tripod and camera bag.

10.  What amenities and facilities are available?
  *   On site, there are only portable toilets available. There are no facilities in the canyon.

11.  When do I need a Special Use Permit?
  *    Special Use permits are required for any all engagement/wedding photos, any filming, family

       photos, workshops, advertisement.
  *    This can be purchased from the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation office, (928) 645-0268.
  *    If you are unsure or have questions, please send us an email at

12.  What are the differences between Canyon X, Lower, and Upper Antelope Canyon?
*    All three canyons are made of Navajo Sandstone and located in Antelope Canyon. 

*    Upper Antelope is an "A" shape canyon above the ground, that you are driven directly to the

      mouth of the canyon. No climbing or stairs. Also, the most crowded.
  *   Lower Canyon is a "V" shape below the ground. This is also a walking tour, does not involve

      driving. There are ladders throughout the canyon.
  *   Canyon X has a little of both shapes, "A" and "V". Two slot canyons with
similar views as the

       more popular canyons.

13.  When is the best time to see the canyon?
  *   Depending if you are sightseeing the area, anytime is a great time! Clear skies are the best day.
  *   As for Photographer, the popular time to take the Photo tour is 10 am. The sun is still rising

      therefore you get the light changing from less light to more light as the tour goes on. 1 pm tour

      is the opposite. The transition is from more light to less light as the tour goes on.

14. Blackout dates?
  *  We do not have blackout dates for the Hiking Tour.
  *  Yes, for Photo Tour and Cardiac Canyon. We do not offer Photo Tours and Cardiac Canyon

     during US holidays. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

15. Are pregnant women allowed on tour?

* Taadidiin Tours strongly recommends women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester to not participate. 

16. Are pets or service animals allowed on tour?

*  Pets are not allowed on tour.

*  Pets have reacted differently in the canyon, because of the tight spaces and large number of


*  Customers with allergies have voiced concerned with riding in the transport vehicles with pets.

*  Service pets are allowed.

17. Are there stairs or ladders?

*   Canyon X does not have stairs or ladders.

*   Cardiac Canyon has both stairs and ladders.

18. Are children able to participate?

*   Yes, please see the TOUR INFO page for pricing.

19. Are Camelbaks and Hydropacks allowed on tour?

*   Canyon X: No, water is provided during the tour.

*   Cardiac Canyon: Yes.

20. Are child carrying backpacks allowed?

*   Yes, but metal framed backpacks are discouraged due to the risk of scratching the canyon walls.

21. Is Canyon X a slot canyon?

*   Canyon X is a slot canyon.

22. Why are bags not allowed?

*   Customers have used bags to transport cremated human remains into other slot canyons within

    the boundaries of the Lake Powell Navajo Nation Park. For this reason ALL bags are banned.