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antelope Canyon X


Cardiac canyon, the ultimate adventure!!!


* Wedding / Engagement 

* Graduation

* Modeling

* Family Pictures

* Night Tours (Inquire on Rate)


Photographs or video taken for commercial use is prohibited unless accompanied by a valid permit issued by Navajo Parks & Recreation or Navajo Office of Broadcasting Services.

 Navajo Hiking Permit :  Required for all Hikers and Photographers 8 years of age and older.

Flash Flood Warning:  Tours will be cancelled if NOAA issues a flash flood warning for the area.                                            

 General Information 

* Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete the waiver and check in.

* Tours depart every 30 minutes.

Recommended Items to Bring

* Water, sunscreen, hiking shoes/clothing, camera, hat and extra batteries/SD cards.

* Sweater or coat during the winter.

cardiac Canyon

Canyon X Hiking and Photo tours begin at MP 307.8 on Highway 98 near Page, AZ on the Navajo Nation Reservation.  After parking and payment customers will be transported in a 4X4 transport vehicle 3 miles to the mouth of the Canyon X.  Customers will hike 100 meters into Canyon X.  At the bottom Taadidiin Tour Guides will assist customers tour the first slot canyon.  After the first slot canyon is complete Guides will accompany customers on the 200 meter walk to the second slot canyon.  

The Cardiac Canyon Photo tour is the ultimate hiking/photo tour adventure.  Less than 100 people have ever visited Cardiac Canyon.  The tour begins at MP 307.8 on Highway 98 near Page, AZ on the Navajo Nation Reservation.  Customers will be transported 7 miles in a transport vehicle to the entrance of the canyon.  Customers and their guide will hike 90 meters down the Cardiac Sand Dune into the canyon.  It is recommended to wear hiking shoes, appropriate clothing. Bring extra water and sunscreen. 

* 2 Person Minimum

 Cardiac Canyon from Above

 Cardiac Canyon

 Cardiac Sand Dune